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eComTech Interactive Search ebooks guides are interactive with any search engine we choose built right in for city, hospitality, travel and real estate search. Click the button, that’s it!  The search engines change frequently and your chosen keywords and typing may not be the best, we now have a solution. Eliminate the error and click the button. No need to talk about faster searchers just click the button.  Stop looking up the spelling of your keyword, click the button. It changes every day. It can literally change from minute to minute. It’s always current.  And fully mobile – it works on any device with an ebook reader and access to the Internet at a coffee shop near you on there WiFi too, so enjoy your coffee.

They are organized into several targeted information ebook series including:

  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Travel & Recreation (by topic or location)
  • Health & Wellness (by disease or issue)
  • Technology (by app, program, or device)
  • Any business or any thing at all

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Interactive Search eBooks and Guides can also be used to create educational products (ebooks, pdf. files, and emails) — This will keep everybody on the same page.

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